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18:00 BBC News 30 minutes

18:30 Weather 0 minutes

18:30 BBC London News 30 minutes

18:00 Two Tribes Richard Osman presents the quickfire … 30 minutes

18:30 Eggheads Quiz, presented by Jeremy Vine, in wh… 30 minutes

18:00 ITV News London 30 minutes

18:30 ITV News and Weather 30 minutes

18:00 The Simpsons King of the Hill Two company executives hire Homer to … 30 minutes

18:30 Hollyoaks A desperate Maxine makes the decision… 30 minutes

18:00 Home and Away Sun-kissed Australian soap charting t… 30 minutes

18:30 5 News Tonight A summary of the evening's headlines,… 30 minutes


19:00 The One Show Another mix of nationwide reports and… 30 minutes

19:30 BBC News; Regional News 0 minutes

19:30 EastEnders It's the day of Linda's ultrasound sc… 30 minutes

19:00 Wanted in Paradise Costa Rica Steve and Stef Jackson are swapping c… 60 minutes

19:00 Emmerdale As news of the incident spreads throu… 30 minutes

19:30 River Monsters River of Blood A bloody attack on a young swimmer po… 30 minutes

19:00 Channel 4 News Including sport and a weather report. 60 minutes

19:00 Police Interceptors Dan Brigginshaw is kept on his toes w… 60 minutes


20:00 Holby City Trust in Me When Harry learns Mary-Claire may be … 60 minutes

20:00 Natural World Super-Powered Owls: Natural World With their charismatic faces and extr… 60 minutes

20:00 Bargain Fever Britain Part one of two. While the economy ha… 60 minutes

20:00 Mary Portas: Secret Shopper The retail guru goes to the Suffolk s… 60 minutes

20:00 Benidorm ER Costa Del Casualty: Benidorm ER Pensioner Brian Jones comes into the … 60 minutes


21:00 The Gift Peter Miles served six years in priso… 60 minutes

21:00 Horizon Horizon: Secrets of the Solar System Planets are now being discovered outs… 60 minutes

21:00 Exposure Exposure: When Pregnant Women Drink Ranvir Singh probes the effect of dri… 60 minutes

21:00 The Romanians Are Coming A look at the mass migration from Rom… 60 minutes

21:00 Killer Psychopaths Psychopaths: The Suffolk Strangler David Wilson analyses the personality… 60 minutes


22:00 BBC News 25 minutes

22:25 National Lottery Update 0 minutes

22:25 BBC Regional News and Weather 20 minutes

22:45 No Place to Call Home Award-winning film-maker Jezza Neuman… 60 minutes

22:00 Let's Play Darts for Comic Relief Sean Lock teams up with one time BDO … 30 minutes

22:30 Newsnight investigation of the day's events, ho… 45 minutes

22:00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 30 minutes

22:30 ITV London Weather 0 minutes

22:30 ITV News London 10 minutes

22:40 On Assignment Robert Moore visits Cuba to discover … 30 minutes

22:00 Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial Last year, cannabis was smoked by two… 95 minutes

22:00 Chicago PD Stepping Stone New series. Crime drama following the… 60 minutes


23:45 Cemetery Junction A young man in 1970s Reading starts t… 90 minutes

23:15 Weather 5 minutes

23:20 Reinventing the Royals Crisis First of a two-part documentary in wh… 60 minutes

23:10 Bear Grylls: Mission Survive Tensions run high as the celebrities … 60 minutes

23:35 Don't Look Down Documentary investigating one of the … 55 minutes

23:00 Jack the Ripper: New Suspect Revealed The identity of the person who killed… 60 minutes